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There is a variety of habitats that you can choose for your home when it comes to interior architecture and design. Thanks to their expertise in the field, a specialist will help you to create the home of your dreams. ELENA KORNILOVA is an expert whose firm has already totted up a host of achievements around the world, including work in London, Moscow, Monaco, Paris and on the French Riviera. If you have plans to renovate, fit out or improve any room in Paris, you can count on this top-of-the-range interior designer.

Why should you call in an interior architect or interior designer?

In order to get the home of your dreams, you really have to attach a lot of importance to the layout and interior design. Re-upholstering, custom-made furniture, dying fabrics and even architectural style. There are so many things that you can take into consideration. If you have no idea how to make your Paris home renovation project a reality, it is best to call on an interior architecture and interior design specialist. This will ensure you receive advice on the best way to get those truly unique pieces.

As graduates trained in this field, an interior designer will be in a position to offer you the most appropriate solutions for that stylish interior, chic décor, contemporary look or even classic Haussmann-era apartment. You could say that these professionals accompany you not only in the arranging all your design accoutrements, but optimizing the space in the room you’re doing up.

The different styles of Parisian homes.

The Haussmann building is undoubtedly the most sought-after style of Parisian housing for our exacting clients. With its 4 to 6 floors, this type of accommodation is characterized by its cut-stone facade. Inside, the original decoration are accessories would have dated from the 1850s. For a more chic and luxurious style, you could opt for Art-Deco. This architectural style stands out for its superimposed forms, its rectilinear geometric shapes and seemingly gorgeous textures.

Whether it’s an apartment for receiving guests, a boutique, high-end décor or luxury interiors you are looking for, you can count on our Paris interior design firm for any project.

For a modern style that is bang on the latest trends, bring out the ergonomic, functional value in your décor. In principle, an interior designer masters all these styles of interiors, from contemporary minimalism to classic European design dating from the 18th century. You should know that the objective of our architectural interiors firm is to allow owners of exceptional real estate to create rooms that match their tastes.

How does an interior designer step in to redevelop your home?

To usher in a new and contemporary way of life, an interior designer will draw on the main Parisian apartment styles. In this way, they are able to design an individual and unique home according to each client’s wishes. They then use their interior design techniques and prestige materials.

For a contemporary décor, we can make a custom made furniture, low-key paintings and space-saving accessories, les panneaux muraux en acier, en bois avec la texture sur-mesure, les objets d’art contemporain. are just some of the variety of interior design decorations that can be integrated into high-end town houses or apartments.

Among other ways of redeveloping private mansions or large apartments, includes using high quality textures. In a bedroom, for example, silk wallpaper, contemporary frescoes, or handmade suede panels can decorate the walls. Lace, chiffon, jacquard, leather, or even arabesques, the possibilities are many.

What are the interior decorating professional’s main tasks?

In general, the role of an interior designer in Paris is not limited to the layout of your interior space since they will accompany you throughout your project. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, they will not hesitate in coming up with other solutions. Thanks to this kind of professional, your home environment will be more harmonized. On stately apartments, contemporary detached homes or traditional chalets, an expert such as ELENA KORNILOVA is able to design or renovate your interiors.

To make your dreams a reality, our Paris interior design firm will take into account all the elements found in the room, the furniture, the façade, the lighting and the various accessories. Of course, the any new or change to the existing structure must be based on the client’s express wishes. We will prepare 3D plans and drawings to envisage your dream home.

Why call on an interior designer for your Paris redesign?

Experienced in this sector, ELENA KORNILOVA’s Paris interior design firm is able to master all forms of interior architecture – Parisian style, New York 1920s décor or even classic European design. No matter what style you want to bring out, a specialist can meet all your requirements. As they redesign your home, a professional will also want to ensure that the regulations relating to safety or ventilation are met.

Usually, this type of work does not require any special permits. However, if you’re doing up an apartment in a building, you may need a co-ownership agreement. If you plan to extend your home with a veranda or a balcony, for example, you will need declare the work to the building authorities and apply for planning permission.

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