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How to bring serenity into your bedroom?

The bedroom is a master room where the day begins and ends, a place of solitude, rest and recuperation. Depuis la pandémie du Covid 19, elle est devenue multitâches – transformée en bureau à domicile et en salle de cinéma. From now on, the room must allow you to relax but also to concentrate on your professional tasks.

In contrast to the cold, minimalist white interiors that are too often used, beige tones are gaining in popularity. After all, no matter what the weather is like outside, you want your home to feel warm and bright. Like this bedroom, designed by Elena Kornilova, interior designer Paris. Shades of light grey and olive, as well as beige, are used to create a perfectly harmonious background.

Elena Kornilova Architecte interior designer Paris

In difficult times, we need warm, soothing tones that turn the home – and especially the bedroom – into a cozy refuge from the outside world. The tones in the “nude” palette are designed to create a “more comfortable” feeling in the living space. Beige, as a natural color, reflects our desire for stability and environmental sustainability.

In this master bedroom, high-end interior designer Elena Kornilova, composed an almost monochrome palette of different textures. For a client who particularly appreciates carded wool fabrics, it was proposed to design a headboard worked with tweed.

The bedspread and cushions were made of cashmere and silk, based on sketches by Elena Kornilova.

The walls are lined with English silk wallpaper, and there is a soft silk carpet on the floor.

All this deep, comfortable palette of luxurious textures serves as the perfect backdrop for a painting by Gregory Maiofis, highlighted by alabaster lamps.

Elena Kornilova interior designer Paris

Another room, this time in a “taupe” color designed by Elena Kornilova, was dressed with brass strips on the walls to emphasize and pay tribute to the classic moldings of the apartment. Hanging lamps, also in alabaster, like earrings, refresh the atmosphere and make it softer.

Elena Kornilova interior designer Paris

The tones proposed by interior designer Paris Elena Kornilova for this guest room combine different textures of velvet, silk, cashmere, wood and brass. According to the request, the interior had to be warm and neutral, with a visual lightness that would please the most demanding guests.

Elena Kornilova interior designer Paris

Generally speaking, beige tones are a good starting point for creating a soft and relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom. Starting with a specific shade and a variation of shades that come close, the space will be enveloping, like a cocoon. In a monochrome interior, there is indeed nothing to distract the eye: neither the shade of the walls, nor the color of the furniture. Zen atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and dreams…

Important point, beige is timeless and goes with almost everything… to use without moderation…

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