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How to create a modern and stylish kitchen ?

The kitchen has recently become a veritable testing ground for design. The increased demand for renovation has spurred the abandonment of established solutions. Today’s kitchens are becoming more colourful, individual and dynamic, thanks to a significantly wider range of colours and a new range of materials.


Elena Kornilova, an interior designer in Paris, believes that a kitchen doesn’t have to be covered in pristine white. The brighter and deeper the colour, the more attractive the kitchen. If you’re not ready to experiment radically, go for a familiar color palette, but choose a stronger, more saturated shade. Shades of green, variations of herbaceous tones reminiscent of sage, rosemary, lavender, saffron, and basil are colors that work best together.


According to Elena Kornilova, an interior designer in Paris, natural materials should predominate in our kitchen. The creation of worktops and aprons in natural stone, artificial stone, or ceramic bring a touch of originality and well-being.

Facades and doors can be made of striated wood or coated with a uniform and glossy paint, tone-on-tone coloured walls or brighter colours. They can be clad in aluminum, brass or ceramic.


Lighting technology applied to kitchens has long since moved away from utilitarian and direct worktop luminaires. It’s a now widespread approach that changes our mood and sense of well-being day after day. Sophisticated, integrated equipment, capable of controlling both the intensity and the color of light depending on the time of day, is not only more in tune with our biorhythm, but also with the new aesthetic canons of our decade.

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