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How to make your space bigger?

You can’t push the walls out, but you can make a room more spacious. Elena Kornilova, interior designer Paris, can help you de-clutter a room or free up space with storage. Moreover, it can also dress up your walls or floors or choose the right light… With a few tricks, you can work miracles. With a few tips, you can work miracles. In this article, Elena Kornilova, interior architect in Paris, helps you make the most of your space.

Why does one room appear smaller than another?

Indeed, Elena Kornilova confirms that what makes a room seem smaller is undoubtedly the way the room is decorated. A room with little light, overloaded with furniture or objects, dressed in dark colors, will appear smaller. The fittings, furniture, carpets and wall colors all contribute to the effect of a space. However, a light room with light, in which you play on depth and relief, will be a room in which it is good to live and where you do not feel cramped.

To bring out the best in your room, Elena Kornilova takes into account the brightness and shape of your room. For example: if your room is long, you need to work on its width, and vice versa. If it has a low ceiling, you need to analyze its height. It is also very important to de-clutter the rooms, you must keep only the essential. The essential does not only mean the functional. Elena Kornilova, interior architect, confirms that a single object with a specific design that is brought to the forefront can create and reveal the beauty of your interior space.

The choice of colors and textures

When it comes to making a room feel bigger, the choice of colors and textures are key. Elena Kornilova, interior architect in Paris, recommends using light or neutral colors such as variations of white, cream colors, pastel colors and also pale colors. These types of colors help to brighten up a space and make it appear larger. Actually, light colors for your interior are known to make spaces more open and airier. It’s also worth noting that bright, bold colors are great for adding depth and interest to a room. However, when you are trying to maximize the size of your living space, you should choose lighter shades instead.

In addition, she also suggests playing with different textures to create contrast in a room. For example, combine a smooth velvet sofa with a thick wool rug. Or add wooden details such as shelves or furniture that can help break up the monotony of a monochrome room. In addition, Elena Kornilova advises you to dress your walls with mirrors. This will also give the illusion of a larger space, as they reflect light and visually enlarge your interior space.

Lighting for the depth of your interior space

Lighting is another essential factor in creating an open atmosphere. Natural lighting is always preferable where possible. Interior architect Elena Kornilova advises you to try and maximize the amount of natural light that enters your home by reducing the number of curtains or replacing your blinds which are heavy and can block the light. In addition, artificial lighting can also be used to create a pleasant, ambient atmosphere. Elena Kornilova advises you to try to use several light sources such as lamps, wall and ceiling lights with dimmers so that you can control the amount of light you need at any given time of the day. For example, installing dimmable LED lights or pendant lights in different areas of the room can add warmth and depth to a space.

Furniture placement

Finally, furniture placement plays an important role in creating the illusion of space in a room. When deciding where to place furniture, try to keep it as far away from the walls as possible. Elena Kornilova, interior architect in Paris, advises you to place furniture closer together, in clusters, to leave enough space for everyone to move around freely without feeling confined.

Also, furniture with slim profiles tends to take up less visual space than furniture with wider profiles, which helps to create an overall feeling of openness in a room. In addition, when decorating a small space, it is also important to choose furniture with multiple uses. For example, instead of buying a standard bed frame, opt for a piece of furniture with built-in storage underneath to hold extra items such as sheets or clothes This is because multi-purpose furniture saves valuable floor space and creates more room in the room.

Interior design is about creating a balance between form and function. Indeed, doing so in a way that both aspects work harmoniously can be a real challenge. Creating an open interior space does not have to be difficult. By entrusting your project to Elena Kornilova, interior architect Paris, you can easily transform any room into a warm room that feels bigger and more welcoming. Elena Kornilova experiments with different colors, textures, lighting solutions and furniture placement to find what best suits your personal needs.

With these solutions, there is no doubt that your home will become brighter and more spacious with the help of a professional interior like Elena Kornilova.

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