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If you are looking for a Luxembourg architectural firm that can provide you with the luxury and quality you deserve, look no further. Entrust your project to an architectural firm in Luxembourg, Elena Kornilova. Highly qualified and experienced, passionate about her work and keen to provide her clients with the best possible service, an architecture Luxembourg offers you a wide range of services. These services range from design and construction to project management and interior consulting.

Elena Kornilova exploits the rarest materials and techniques to distribute originality and uniqueness to each project. Whatever your needs, an architectural firm in Luxembourg will work closely with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final result.

Your architectural agency in Luxembourg

Do you need a professional for your next construction or renovation project, and you want nothing but the best ? Then you should entrust your project to an architectural firm in Luxembourg.

Benefit from the expertise of an architectural agency in Luxembourg on the selection of materials, colours, furniture, decoration, lighting and equipment… The recommendations of an architectural agency in Luxembourg will allow you to transform your future interior with the right choices in terms of design and decoration. An architecture agency in Luxembourg will help you to project yourself in your home with the help of the graphic elements provided (plans or 3D renderings). There are several other reasons for entrusting your project to an architectural firm in Luxembourg such as Elena Kornilova.

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A Luxembourg architectural firm has extensive experience in the field

An architectural firm in Luxembourg can help you use its experience to make each project unique. With years of experience in designing and supervising construction projects of all sizes, an architectural firm in Luxembourg has the knowledge and expertise to make your vision a reality. The style Elena Kornilova strives for is eclectic and diverse, ranging from 18th century European Classical, 1920’s New York Art Deco, to the current Minimalism trend.

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With an architectural firm in Luxembourg, you benefit from a personalized level of service

From the initial consultation to the final visit of your project, Elena Kornilova is with you every step of the way to ensure that your needs are understood and that you are satisfied with the progress made. Have a Luxembourg architectural firm accompany you in your project to design, renovate or restructure your house or flat in Luxembourg with Elena Kornilova.

Whether it is a town house, a country house, a villa or a traditional chalet, whether it is a new development or a renovation, each place is thought out with the same attention to detail for the well-being of the client. Elena Kornilova is demanding in her execution and concerned with the choice of furniture, materials, colours and lighting. She is keen to find the perfect balance in a spirit of originality and uniqueness.

Interior design with an architecture agency Luxembourg
Elena Kornilova

An architectural agency in Luxembourg offers you concepts that are unique. Elena Kornilova distinguishes itself through its ability to meet your specific needs and desires through its authentic work. Whether you have a clear idea of what you want or need help developing a concept, an architectural firm in Luxembourg will work with you to create a unique design that is sure to impress. Moreover, by using only rare and original materials and techniques, an architectural firm in Luxembourg helps to represent each unique space in a way that respects the deep personality of each client.

Finally, it is important to remember that the process of planning and supervising a construction project can be cumbersome, especially if you are embarking on such an adventure for the first time. Working with an architectural firm in Luxembourg can take some of the burden off your shoulders as Elena Kornilova takes care of all the details. This way, clients at Elena Kornilova are reassured that the project is in good hands and will be completed on time and on budget.

There are many good reasons to entrust your next project to an architectural firm in Luxembourg. With experience, personal service, unique designs and a commitment to quality, an architectural firm in Luxembourg has what it takes to transform your home.

Elena Kornilova, and her architectural firm Luxembourg focuses on creating unique spaces and environments that enhance the daily life of everyone. The work is always done with an eye for detail and original, authentic ideas in order to create places that are as unique as they are functional and meet the specific needs of each client.

ELENA Kornilova

Architect and Interior designer since 2005, her objective is to provide an excellent service to her customers combining the personal approach and researchings of the best solutions for creating the refined athmosphere.

In 2017 Elena Kornilova is a finalist in the prestigious International Award in Interior Design, organized by the British and International Design Society (SBID). 

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