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An architect and interior designer since 2008, Elena Kornilova creates her interiors in various locations around the world (Paris, French Riviera, Monaco, London, Moscow).

From classic French flats to avant-garde lofts, an interior designer Paris has something to offer to everyone. Whether you are looking for a luxurious upgrade to your flat or house or simply want to add a touch of Parisian chic to your decor, Elena Kornilova, interior designer Paris is there to help you. Thanks to her professionalism and the wealth of her resources, Elena Kornilova can help you realise the project of your dreams.

Why call on an interior designer in Paris ?

Call on an interior designer in Paris with professional skills to carry out your renovation work. She designs and renovates exceptional flats, contemporary villas, as well as more traditional houses and cottages. Elena Kornilova maintains the coherence and nobility of each project. There are many advantages in entrusting your project to a Parisian interior architect.

Indeed, Elena Kornilova’s experience allows you to analyse and anticipate all the data of your interior design project. Data such as the feasibility of the project or the budget to be planned. With an interior designer in Paris, you have the choice of your equipment, materials, furniture or even the choice of your colours. Originality and uniqueness are combined with each project with an interior architect Paris.

In terms of design and decoration, you will have the eye of your interior designer Paris to make the right choices. Moreover, this allows you to highlight the potential of your Paris interior project. At Elena Kornilova, the passion of your Paris interior designer is at the service of her clients to propose atmospheres combining the best of each period of art history.

Moreover, an interior designer Paris helps you to project yourself in your home, whether it is a flat or a house. Elena Kornilova offers you graphic elements such as plans, 3D visualizations or sketches. At Elena Kornilova, interior designer Paris, estimates are made and adjusted to the best for all types of inspiring projects.

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Entrust your project to an interior designer in Paris

As the fashion capital of the world, Paris is always ahead of the trends in interior design. By working with an interior designer in Paris, you can be sure that your house, flat or villa will be adorned with the latest styles.

In 2017, Elena Kornilova was a finalist for the prestigious International Interior Design Award, organised by the British and International Design Society (SBID).

Elena Kornilova, interior designer Paris, accompanies you in the reflection of your interior renovation project. She will accompany you and listen to all your aesthetic wishes from the study to the follow-up and coordination of the renovation project.

An interior designer in Paris allows you to transform your Parisian interior according to your tastes. Whatever your expectations, Elena Kornilova will meet your needs by determining the aesthetic orientations and the desired atmosphere of your interior.

A Parisian interior designer knows how to combine different styles. One of the characteristics of Parisian interior design is its ability to effortlessly blend different styles. Whether you are looking for a luxurious interior or a more modern and contemporary space, a Paris interior designer like Elena Kornilova will be able to create a coherent and elegant interior.

Elena Kornilova understands the importance of details. From the choice of furniture to the selection of the perfect accessories, every detail counts when it comes to creating an exceptional interior. Moreover, an experienced Paris interior designer will ensure that no detail is overlooked, resulting in a unique and surprising space.

Indeed, it will bring a fresh look to your interior. An interior designer Paris will offer you new perspectives. Moreover, she will also bring a professional look always by presenting you unique spaces. Each client is unique and an interior designer Paris brings out the deep personality of her clients by capturing their lifestyle.

Elena Kornilova respects the surrounding space by blending the architectural composition. Her natural light is one of the keys to the timeless harmony sought by her clients.

ELENA Kornilova

Architect and Interior designer since 2005, her objective is to provide an excellent service to her customers combining the personal approach and researchings of the best solutions for creating the refined athmosphere.

In 2017 Elena Kornilova is a finalist in the prestigious International Award in Interior Design, organized by the British and International Design Society (SBID). 

Elena kornilova architecte d'intérieur Paris