Choosing an interior designer Monaco
Elena Kornilova

Choosing an interior designer in Monaco to redo or build your interior decoration allows you to have continuous assistance and to benefit from a unique know-how.

Elena Kornilova’s choices in the field of furniture, sculpture and painting are as many discoveries and advices offered to her clients who, like her, wish to see architecture and decoration as a complete and unique art. This is why an interior designer from Monaco is essential to guide you in the conception of your project.

Whether it is a new building, a renovation, a transformation or a modification of a space, the client’s expectations are at the heart of the work of an interior designer in Monaco. With Elena Kornilova, whether you are a private individual or a professional, the story is beautiful if what we do together is like you.

Indeed, the priority of Elena Kornilova, interior designer Monaco, is to create unique spaces by respecting the deep personality of each client whose lifestyle she likes to capture. To bring all these skills, an interior designer Monaco takes the time to understand your habits and to enter delicately into your lifestyle. Elena Kornilova listens, identifies your desires, suggests and imagines what you had not dared to think of. An interior designer in Monaco works with you through the various stages of your project: from your initial objectives to your interior installation.

Why choose an interior designer in Monaco

An interior designer in Monaco, Elena Kornilova works in all areas of interior design. She has put her passion at the service of her clients to propose atmospheres combining the best of each period of art history. Do you want to renovate your flat, rearrange your interior, redesign your house ? An interior architect in Monaco will take care of the design, the choice of materials and furniture as well as the follow-up of the work until the delivery of your unique interior.

Listening to your needs and desires, a study of the premises is carried out in order to make the most of your space while respecting your budget. Enhancing volumes, working with appropriate materials, playing with light: an interior designer from Monaco rethinks interior design to create a structured space, with fluid and symmetrical lines and a warm and welcoming result. For Elena Kornilova, interior designer Monaco, combining architectural composition and respect for your space, especially with its natural light, is one of the keys to the timeless harmony sought by her clients. With an interior designer in Monaco, each project must have a creative and innovative response in perfect harmony with your wishes and requirements.

At Elena Kornilova, experience and attention to detail allow us to guide you towards a high quality project and to build a functional, elegant and refined space that reflects you. Our wish is to optimize space with clever solutions and create timeless and unique interiors.

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Calling on an interior designer in Monaco for your project

An interior designer in Monaco is an expert in space planning and can help you make the most of your house, flat or villa in Monaco. Elena Kornilova knows how to incorporate the best solutions into your interior, combining storage and design to give your space openness and always with style. Even if you have a clear vision of your space, an interior designer Monaco can save you valuable time by doing everything for you, from sourcing materials and furniture to coordinating with contractors and other suppliers. An interior designer Monaco will also give you angles for improvement to make your interior brighter, more practical and comfortable.

In other words, calling on a Monaco interior designer like Elena Kornilova is an opportunity for you. Elena Kornilova takes advantage of your constraints with technical and creative, functional and aesthetic answers. From the first sketches to the completion of the work, the Monaco interior architect is a full-fledged project manager.

Moreover, it can be difficult to be objective about our own interior, which is why it is so useful to have an outside opinion involved in the design process. An interior designer from Monaco will take into account your personal taste and style. Every effort is made to create a space that is unique to you. Indeed, an interior designer in Monaco thinks about spaces, gives them the intention and the meaning from which the identity, the coherence and the legibility of your project will be born.

To optimise your interior, you need to be creative and original. To succeed, you will certainly have to turn to an interior designer in Monaco. If you are in Monaco and you want a refined and elegant interior, an interior designer Monaco, Elena Kornilova will bring you her know-how.

ELENA Kornilova

Architect and Interior designer since 2005, her objective is to provide an excellent service to her customers combining the personal approach and researchings of the best solutions for creating the refined athmosphere.

In 2017 Elena Kornilova is a finalist in the prestigious International Award in Interior Design, organized by the British and International Design Society (SBID). 

Elena kornilova architecte d'intérieur Paris