Architect and Decorator Elena Kornilova has graduated from Moscow Architectural University (State Academy).

Elena is a member of  Society of British and International Interior Design (SBID) as well as a member of Association of Interior Designers and Decorators - ADDI (АДДИ)

In 2017 Elena Kornilova became the finalist of prestigious International Award in the field of interior design, arranged by the Society of British and International Design (SBID). Implemented interior in Moscow, entered to the collection of the best interior Global Interior Design 2017

Elena Kornilova designs her interiors in different cities and places of the world. She always follows the last architecture and interior design trends by visiting of many professional exhibitions around Europe and America. Elena says that passions for her are Antiques and Modern Art. Being well-oriented in antique furniture, sculpture and painting, she enjoys to re-present and give recommendations of her findings and discoveries to her clients, as she believes that art makes the architectural and interior object complete and unique.

The style, which works Elena Kornilova is eclectic and diverse, from  European Сlassicism of the XVIII century to Russian Modern, from New York Art Deco 1920-s to Contemporary Minimalism. Elena successfully designs modern villas, chalets and Russian dachas, but she always keeps consistency and nobility.

Elena likes to work with different  textures and rare techniques, brings the stylistic diversity and uniqueness to each project. The character of interior she created of each space is as unique as its owner.

The priorities of Elena Kornilova are: to listen and understand the lifestyle of her client , to look at the surrounding space, in order to create a natural, harmonious space, which will always remain timeless and fashion.

“Architecture in my view is the creation of a new life. I think there is no special recipe for a successful architectural, interior or design object. It's always an inspiration by people's unique characters,purpose and location of the object, that each time results in a whole new design. Sincerity in design leads to the perfect architecture and interior!”